Friday 15 - Sunday 24 June 2018. THEME: Routes/Roots

The Big Barnaby Update

St Michael’s Church Weds 28th Feb, 7-8.30pm. It’s hard to believe, but Barnaby’s only a matter of months away now (June 15th to 24th). To find out how the programme’s shaping up and how you can be involved, just pop along to St Michael’s on Wednesday 28th Feb. The fun starts here!

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Barnaby Parade – register today!

The first Saturday of Barnaby, Saturday 16th June, is traditionally Parade day, and 2018 is no exception. If you’re involved with a local group, this is your chance to be a part of one of the best town parades in the country! Whether you’re a regular participant or a newcomer, it’s easy to get started. Parade organisers Macclesfield Community Art...

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Your support – help us make Barnaby happen

Barnaby is one of Macclesfield’s greatest cultural assets and we want to keep it that way, but Barnaby can’t happen without the town’s help. Every year it gets harder to find public money to keep the Festival going, so if you, or your company or organisation, can offer Barnaby financial support we’d love to hear from you. You can email...

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Photos by Fiona Bailey, Travelling Simon Photography, Brian Law, Katrina Gratton, Anthony Mulryan, Michael Steff.