We want your ideas! (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Macclesfield’s creative powers are legendary. And we want as many of your suggestions, proposals, and inspirations as we can fit into next year’s Barnaby Festival.

The official deadline for our Open Call  has now been extended (from July) to accommodate the flood of ideas that are being discussed in the run up to the festival and to provide people with a little more time.  Our new deadline is Friday, 17  November and we’re looking forward to more even more creative ideas. This is the last chance to get your ideas to us as our programme is locked down at the beginning of January so we are encouraging all the town to contact us as soon as they can!

As ever, though, the sooner you get your idea to us, the more time we have to try and make it happen. The submission form you need to make an application can be found on the Artist Opportunities page here