Sharon Ginnis, Writer & Tutor, brought us a Storymaking online workshop programme, 25th July – 1st August 2020.

You can watch all the workshops below and download some supporting resources here:-

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Sharon Ginnis Storyteller

Sharon Ginnis, Writer & Tutor

Enter a world of imagination with Sharon and spend a week building your own story, step by step. You will be shown ways of creating settings and characters and given ideas for how to make your story exciting and ‘tell-able’. Sharon will take you through a step by step process that helps to shape a story and then, once you have the basic plot for your tale, she will give you creative activities to flesh-out the details and make your story zing! We start with an Introductory Session, followed by four short workshops to give you additional practical activities to enhance your storymaking skills.

Introductory Session

1- Setting

2 – Characters

3- Problems

4 The Ending

Live Q & A