This new Silk Museum exhibition, opening on Saturday 18 September 2021,

will take you behind the scenes of the Macclesfield Stripe collection, where you will discover the iconic 1920s -1940s Macclesfield designs and how we are protecting them for future generations.

Despite the Macclesfield Stripe being one of the best-known designs made in Macclesfield, we have been unable to display much of this collection. After years of storage in tightly packed boxes, damage has unfortunately occurred to these now delicate and fine fabrics. We discovered embedded creases and even torn areas within the collection, making them unsuitable for display.

Thanks to the Textile Society and the Friends of the Silk Museum we have begun to fix these issues, with the help of Conservator Zoe Lanceley and Costume Volunteers. The team have been working on the costume collection throughout lockdown, helping keep this important project going during these difficult times.

This exhibition is a celebration of their work so far, focusing on the conservation work and new storage solutions for the dresses and handkerchiefs.

Thanks to the team this will be the first time in decades we can finally display a selection of this vibrant, eye catching collection.

Come along to the opening event on Saturday 18 September 2021, 10-4pm, for live jazz—with Annie’s Saints and Sinners (familiar to Treacle visitors) and singer Molly Becker from Manchester; art activities and of course to see the wonderful Macc Stripe!