Artist Simon Buckley who produces the Not Quite Light project and is based in Salford will be presenting his digital commission on Saturday June 20.

For Barnaby Festival, Simon is exploring his connection to Macclesfield Forest with a new piece of work Our Future is Ancient.

Simon has been visiting Macclesfield Forest every month to coincide with the dawn of the full moon, since December’s winter solstice.

He has been documenting his visits with photography and has been keeping a diary to inform the stories that he is going to be presenting

Simon said: “It’s been quite a journey. It began with me, taking my urban self into the forest in the depths of winter when it was very dark. We all grew up with the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel so, despite it being a place of sanctuary, I actually felt safer on the streets of Salford.”

“However, in the past months, I’ve grown to love being here in the twilight, even feeling disappointment when the light arrives. The call of owls and other creatures is quite magical.”

“Lockdown changed our world and during the weeks of confinement, I began to crave the forest, desperate to savour its mysteries and the comfort of the natural world. The virus has caused me to feel very differently about my own life, and creating work around such an ancient place feels very relevant at the moment.”

Simon will be presenting Our Future is Ancient through a series of projections and storytelling on Saturday June 20 via a live stream/digital presentation.

This will be in 2 parts (click links)

First Light – recording as the sun rises over Macclesfield

Last Light – Simon will complete his digital presentation with a second stream as the light fades the end of the day

Barnaby festival will be hosting the work here after June 20.