Hello from Alison, Barnaby Festival’s new volunteer co-ordinator!

Alison Lea Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Alison Lea and I am introducing myself as the Volunteer Coordinator for Barnaby Festival, 18th – 28th June 2020!

As Barnaby 2020 promises to be another exciting and busy festival, volunteer support will be vital to its smooth running. If you are prepared to offer either a few hours or a regular commitment in the run up to the festival itself, I would love to hear from you.

As a reminder you can find out about our current list and explanation of volunteer roles, here https://barnabyfestival.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/

June next year may feel like a long time away, but I am really keen to start supporting you as volunteers for the festival. There are things you can help us with now:

  • If you know you are available for Barnaby 2020, and want to volunteer please email me and let me know now. If you know what role(s) you want to take on then please include that: volunteer@barnabyfestival.org.uk
  • If you are not sure but curious then please also contact me and we can discuss what the roles might involve.
  •  If you’ve volunteered before, please pass on any comments and ideas you might have to make a volunteer’s experience the best it can be! I am preparing a volunteer training plan and thinking about how we organise in 2020.
  • We are keen to welcome new volunteers into the Barnaby family! If you know someone else who you think would like to volunteer please pass on this message or point them in the direction of the volunteer page. If you know of anywhere Barnaby could advertise for more volunteers please let me know!
  •  If you have skills or experience you think it would be helpful to offer Barnaby now please let me know. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone with fundraising (corporate and/ or community focused), social media or event management experience.

We will be holding a volunteer meeting to discuss our plans and volunteer support arrangements with you early in the new year.

Banner image credit Fiona Bailey