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Macc Assemble – play your part!

We have made a collective artwork where everyone has a starring role! A rolling film moving round the town capturing people’s stories in snapshots.

Across the May Bank Holiday weekend, we invited individuals, families and community groups to locations across Macclesfield to make a scene in 20 seconds: to show off a talent, an idea or show what matters most to them. The clips are now being assembled and combined to make a community artwork masterpiece celebrating living in Macclesfield in 2021 and channeling the vibrant spirit of the Barnaby Parade…

The film will be screened in the welcome area of St Michael’s and All Angels Church on a loop on alongside an exhibition of photographs documenting the making of the showreel. There are two dates and times to catch the film:

Saturday 19 June: 12:00pm-4:00pm

Saturday 26 June: 12:00pm-4:00pm

📍 St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Market Pl, Macclesfield SK10 1DY

There is no need to book for this screening.

We would love to see you there to celebrate the Barnaby Bright 2021 legacy and creativity within our town.

Please note:
The film is approximately 20-25 minutes long.
We will work towards the latest Government guidelines on Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. Please bear with us as events and capacity may be subject to change.

What happens if I have booked and can no longer attend my slot?2021-05-07T18:23:33+01:00

If you can no longer attend your booked slot, Macclesfield Barnaby Festival and IDST! kindly ask that you notify the email address with as much notice as possible. This will enable us to fill every slot and include as many people as we can, as there may be people waiting for your slot.

When will I be able to see myself in the film?2021-05-07T17:59:36+01:00

The showreel parade will be shown live on Macclesfield Barnaby Festival website on Saturday 19th June at midday. It will also be presented at St. Michaels Church on this date a repeated loop for people as part of the Barnaby Bright Programme.

How long will I have to work with the film crew?2021-05-07T17:59:11+01:00

Each group will only have 10 minutes to shoot their scene. Please be on time and come prepared to make the most of your time!

Do I have to be in the film?2021-05-07T17:58:42+01:00

We would like as many people as possible to be in the film, but if that’s not your cup of tea don’t worry. We would still love for you to participate in the workshops and creativity in the preparation weeks before filming starts. You may wish to take part at home and share your content on social media using the hashtag #maccassemble

We are also more than happy to film objects, artworks and materials for your scene too, just remember to bring your storyboard with your idea!

Can I take part on my own?2021-05-07T17:58:19+01:00

Of course, you can come on your own, as a group, business, school or family! Just make sure you bring your storyboard, materials you need to film your scene and proof of booking. Be the star of the show!

Can I just show up and take part?2021-05-07T17:57:55+01:00

No, because of the COVID regulations you must have signed up for a filming slot. Full information about different slots is available at Macclesfield Barnaby Festival. This is so we can adequately space each participant in line with government regulation and give everyone enough time to film their scene properly. If you show up on the day without a booking you will not be able to film your scene, so make sure you book in advance!

Will there be a parade this year?2021-05-07T17:57:22+01:00

Not a parade as you know it! As 2021 is not a traditional Barnaby Festival year, the team are bringing you something different – the Macc Assemble Showreel Parade. Macc Assemble is part of Barnaby Bright 2021, a collection of Macclesfield midsummer events brought to you by the team behind Barnaby.

As we won’t be doing any traditional parading, we are instead making a film where everyone has a starring role! Between Friday 28 – Monday 31 May, we are inviting pre-booked groups of participants to come to various locations across Macclesfield with a storyboard of ideas, to work with our film crew to show off a talent or creative idea and form a 20 second scene. Each 20 second scene will then be assembled together to make our collective masterpiece, a showreel film which will be shown live on Saturday 19th June at midday.

Be sure to keep up to date with all Macc Assemble action by following Macclesfield Barnaby Festival on our social media platforms:

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Macc Assemble would not be possible without Macclesfield’s amazing creators and makers. Please consider making a donation upon booking to allow inclusive, accessible art-making in Macclesfield to continue.

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