We are making a collective artwork where everyone has a starring role!

After the success of the 2020 Homemade Parade, this year Barnaby and IDST! are bringing you something different. The Macc Assemble Showreel Parade is part of a series of the 2021 Barnaby Bright programme of events and we are asking each of you to play a part in the Barnaby Bright legacy. Everyone has 20 seconds to shine and when combined, it will make a masterpiece – a rolling film across the town celebrating living in Macclesfield in 2021 and the collective spirit of the traditional Barnaby Parade.

You will have 20 seconds to make a scene: work with our film crew to show off a talent, an idea or your favourite thing.  These segments will then be assembled together to make our collective film. We want people from across the town to get involved, whether as part of a group, business, school or as an individual, family or bubble…

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