Workshop 3 – Make A Scene with Sam Redway-Wells

Use drama and imagination in your 20 second film!

Lights, camera, action! Director Sam Redway-Wells is here to turn you into the Macclesfield Martin Scorsese with his 7 step scene guide. Sam’s quick, foolproof workshop will have you creating a blockbuster 20 second scene that’ll dazzle everyone at the Macc Assemble premier. He’s got theatre games, mime and freeze frames to show you so do it by yourself or get your family and friends involved! You’ll start with a big idea and end up with a 20 second scene to be proud of.  Get ready for a masterclass… ACTION!

Drama director and actor Sam Redway-Wells introduces 7 steps to quickly create brilliant 20 second scenes. He will show you how you can take a big idea and use theatre games, mime, freeze frames to make an amazing scene.