Workshop 2 – Smooth Moves with Sylk Academy

20 Seconds to Shine – Creating a Dance or Movement for your Scene

Get on your dancing shoes! Sylk Dance Academy are here to get you in the Macc Assemble groove from your kitchen, sofa, garden or garage. Their teachers and students have put together an amazing online workshop to show you how you can use movement in your 20 seconds to shine. There are lots of different dance styles to learn and top tips on how to create, learn and perform a routine. Whether you’re a professional, a Saturday night dance floor shaker or just someone who wants to try something new – this workshop is for you. Watch the video below and get ready to dance the night away!

The teachers and students at Sylk Academy introduce loads of interesting ways to use movement in your 20 second film. Each dancer will introduce a different style or genre of dance and give some exciting ways that you can use moves in your film and learn a routine.