Workshop 1 – Live from ArtSpace with Becca Smith

How to Storyboard – Writing down your idea for your 20 second film!

How does the storyboard work? What am I meant to do with it? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in the first Macc Assemble workshop with IDST!’s ingenious artist Becca Smith. She’s going to show you how to plan, create, and then get your idea down on your Macc Assemble storyboard. Becca’s going to get your creative juices flowing, helping you to think about the location of the film, who and what to have in it, how to use space and colour, and why you should get involved. What are you waiting for! 

Becca works through creating an idea with the 20 second storyboard and suggests ways for people to plan their scenes. She asks participants to think about the location of the film, the people in it, the use of colours and spaces. Becca invites everyone to take part.