Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in Barnaby. The festival is created with its community, powered by volunteers, supported by local businesses and organisations of all sorts.

Come along to one of the regular Open or ‘Find Out More’ Meetings to suggest ideas or just find out more.

Volunteer your time or expertise in a huge range of creative or supportive roles.

Show or perform at the festival by suggesting ideas or responding to open calls on social media.

Work for the festival, there are occasionally paid vacancies.

Take part in the themed Carnival Parade and attend workshops at Community ArtSpace.

Enter the shop window competition on festival theme.

Promote the festival through your publicity networks.

Buy tickets or join in the activities– whatever the weather!

Support the charity financially – make a donation, become a sponsor or offer help ‘in-kind‘.

Sign up to the Barnaby Bulletin at the foot of the page.

Drop us a line at to find out more

Photos by Fiona Bailey & Teneight Studios

Photo by Teneight Studios

Photo by Fiona Bailey

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