We are delighted to be presenting a week-long programme of free online workshops this Summer. 

Peter Duncan, Circus Trainer and renowned circus expert, will be teaching us a range  of easy-to-learn circus skills, tips and tricks. Sharon Ginnis, experienced Writer & Educator, will teach viewers to weave their own story in a week-long programme of Storymaking workshops. 

Workshops start on Saturday 25th July and run to a live online showcase on Saturday 1st August, all viewable for free on our website and Facebook page. This programme is suitable for all ages and abilities, see the full schedule here.    and view at the designated time here

Circus Skills, with Peter Duncan – Circus Trainer

Don’t run away with the circus! Peter will offer you the chance to learn circus skills in the comfort of your own home. You will be led through a series of achievable steps for balancing objects and juggling, followed by a chance to make your own circus props ready for ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. No previous experience necessary.

We start with an introductory workshop including basic skills and fun warm up games, followed by four easy-to-follow workshops throughout the week to help you practice and develop your skills. One week later you are all invited to show off your new talents at a live showcase session. Roll up, roll up!

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Storymaking, with Sharon Ginnis – Educator & Writing Tutor

Find useful resources to accompany Sharon’s workshops here

Enter a world of imagination with Sharon and spend a week building your own story, step by step, ready to tell or perform in a live sharing session at the end of the week (or just keep to yourself!). You will be shown ways of creating settings and characters and given ideas for how to make your story exciting and ‘tell-able’. Sharon will take you through a step by step process that helps to shape a story and then, once you have the basic plot for your tale, she will give you creative activities to flesh-out the details and make your story zing!

We start with an Introductory Session, followed by four short workshops throughout the week to give you additional practical activities to enhance your storymaking skills.

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