Not a parade as you know it! As 2021 is not a traditional Barnaby Festival year, the team are bringing you something different – the Macc Assemble Showreel Parade. Macc Assemble is part of Barnaby Bright 2021, a collection of Macclesfield midsummer events brought to you by the team behind Barnaby.

As we won’t be doing any traditional parading, we are instead making a film where everyone has a starring role! Between Friday 28 – Monday 31 May, we are inviting pre-booked groups of participants to come to various locations across Macclesfield with a storyboard of ideas, to work with our film crew to show off a talent or creative idea and form a 20 second scene. Each 20 second scene will then be assembled together to make our collective masterpiece, a showreel film which will be shown live on Saturday 19th June at midday.