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Come and see Macclesfield Royalty crowned! Our Silk Queen will be in the Parade and will be crowned in St Michael’s churchyard byMacclesfield’s Mayor at approx 2:00pm.

The crowning of a local mill worker as Silk Queen was an annual tradition in Macclesfield, introduced in the 1930’s as a way of promoting the industry.

The tradition died out during the Second World War but was resurrected in the 1970s as part of Macclesfield Carnival.

Nowadays, the Silk Queen and King are chosen from years 7 to 11, the Silk Prince and Princess are chosen from years 4 to 6. Candidates for the role can be nominated for being good citizens of Macclesfield, either through volunteer work, community activities, fund raising for worthwhile causes, or to have shown determination in overcoming difficulties.

The 3 young people are:
Silk Queen – Lolly (who was Silk Princess in 2019)
Silk Princess – Evelyn
Silk Prince – Grayson

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