Barnaby AIR

Where you are the artist in residence

Sunday 26th June, St Michael’s Churchyard, Treacle Market from 11am

Join us for the final event of Barnaby AIR at June’s Treacle Market – it’s FREE.

It’s been a year since we were first at Treacle talking to you about the future of public art in Macclesfield. Over the past 12 months, people all over the town have been telling us their ideas for public art in Macclesfield and its neighbourhoods. Now’s your chance to find out what people have said.

Fabric Lenny will be back, sharing his unique vision of public art in Macclesfield and florist Kathryn Cronin will be creating a beautiful floral arch for the day.

Come along and say hello – and you can still let us know what you think!


Where you have the power to influence what art people see on Macclesfield’s streets. Not just in the town centre, but where you live.

Tell us what art you would like to see in Macclesfield.

Public art can take many forms. It can be a static or a moving installation, a piece of sculpture, a soundscape, a picture, a trail. It can be based on heritage, on stories, on people, on places, on events. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve already asked some people of all ages what they would like to see and where, and we’ve had a variety of answers including ‘art on roundabouts’, ‘something that lights the dark’ and ‘a statue of a sunflower that makes people smile’.

We’ll be creating a map to reflect what people have told us and then we’ll develop a manifesto which will be used to show others what types of public art we want in our town, where we want it and why.

You can email with your ideas, aspirations and any other thoughts or views you have about art — of any kind — in the public space.

We’re also holding a creative drawing session from midday on Sunday 10th October at Weston Park (for all ages) where you’ll be able help create designs for a new park bench and chat to us about what art you’d like to see in Macclesfield.

Have your say and help shape the future of Macclesfield.

Barnaby AIR

Image credit Fabic Lenny