Barnaby AIR

Where you are the artist in residence

We want to hear what you think about the art that appears on the streets of Macclesfield.

We’ll be creating a map which will show what sort of art the town has had in the past, what there is now and what the town’s public art might look like in the future.
The map will also show where significant events have taken place, where significant heritage buildings, spaces and places are – and have been.
We’ll create a manifesto based on your views, which will be used to show others what types of public art we want in our town, where we want it and why.
Have your say and help shape the future of Macclesfield.
Public art can take many forms. It can be a static or a moving installation, a piece of sculpture, a soundscape, a picture, a trail, it can be based on heritage, on stories, on people, on places, on events. The possibilities are endless.
Email with your ideas, aspirations and any other thoughts or views you have about art — of any kind — in the public spaces
Barnaby Air

Image credit Fabic Lenny