Introducing Barnaby Platform!

Barnaby Festival is all about celebrating the creativity of Macclesfield. Through Barnaby Platform we want to highlight the incredible events and activities taking place around Macclesfield throughout the year particularly  surrounding and during a festival weekend.

Barnaby has almost 10,000 social media followers, and a busy website and during the festival weekend, footfall in the town centre increases substantially. We want to make use of our networks and channels to support artists, organisations and businesses in Macclesfield.

We’re creating a # feed via our social media platforms: simply tag in #BarnabyPlatform to feature on the feed. We will share your activity and events on our social media pages and feature your event on our website.

Barnaby Platform will feature on all of our print and digital marketing ahead of the festival, so the people of Macclesfield and beyond can follow along and find out about all of the things taking place in the town.

If you want to have your event featured on this webpage then please complete this form – send any images to

For more information, including terms and conditions, to use the Barnaby Platform Logo  please see below or contact us on

Barnaby Platform Events

Terms and Conditions of Barnaby Platform:

MBF (Macclesfield Barnaby Festival) is so excited to be highlighting and celebrating your event/activity! To make sure everyone is on the same page and there are clear and definitive expectations, please read the below terms and conditions before making use of Barnaby Platform.

1. Barnaby Platform is strictly a means of signposting and celebrating cultural and creative activities taking place around the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival.
• MBF does not accept any responsibility or liability for your arranged activity. This includes all aspects of funding, income and expenses.
• MBF is not responsible for ensuring the legality, safety or quality of your activity.
• It is the responsibility of you, the activity holder, to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your activity is safe, legal, and retains any necessary licences and policies.
• MFB reserves the right to decline requests for listings if they do not broadly reflect the values of MBF [URL] or are likely to bring the festival into disrepute.

2. MBF hopes that through creating a # feed and digitally signposting to the events taking place across Macclesfield that your activity will be attended and enjoyed by the public.
• MBF does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the public attendance numbers of your activity or its overall success.
• MBF does not accept responsibility or liability for the behaviour of the public who attend your activity.

3. MBF will endeavour to share and repost all activities shared using the #BarnabyPlatform, or submitted via email.
• MBF does not guarantee that your activity will be shared within a specific time frame. We suggest that you continue to promote your activity yourself.
• MBF is run by a team of volunteers, who give their time alongside other commitments, the times at which Barnaby Platform can be delivered is dependent on the availability of these volunteers.

4. The use of the Barnaby Platform logo and sharing using the #BarnabyPlatform does not officially affiliate you with MBF.
• Both parties recognise that your event is external to the official MBF programme.

Barnaby Platform Events

Logo Terms of Use

The Barnaby Platform logo is available to be added onto any digital or physical marketing you produce. Please read carefully the terms of usage below, it includes some important details and some tips for getting the best out of the logo. 

By using the Barnaby Platform Logo you are agreeing to the Barnaby Platform Terms and Conditions.

  1. Only the logos provided in the Platform resource pack are official Barnaby Platform logos. These are high-resolution png files, suitable for digital and print use. Do not download or screenshot shared versions of the logo, this will reduce the quality and effectiveness of the logo. 
  2. The logos provided must be used in their entirety. Do not crop the logo, or use only the image, or only the text. 
  3. Do not attempt to change the colours of the logos. They should not be converted to fit your branding. Printing the logo in black and white should only be done where colour printing is not possible. 
  4. Do not distort the logo’s dimensions. Ensure that resizing takes place with the original ratios intact. 


  1. To make sure the logo doesn’t get lost in your imagery or documentation, there should be as much space around the logo as is provided on the png files. Crowding this space will make the logo less clear to see and reduce its impact. 
  2. When resizing the logo to fit your purposes, make sure the original ratios are retained. This means not stretching the logo to be taller or wider independently, you should adjust both height and width in equal measures. 
  3. When using the logo on a plain, light background try using the transparent version. When using the logo on a bright, coloured or patterned background, use the version with the dark blue surround.