Our Mission

We make Macclesfield our playground, by delivering high-quality festival arts. We love our town, and we inspire and encourage creativity, making work with and for our community.

Our Aims

•  Enrich the cultural and civic life of the town with an ambitious and original arts and cultural programme
•  Encourage genuinely collaborative arts practices between Macclesfield’s communities and artists, generating new thinking and possibilities for the town
•  Animate Macclesfield, celebrate its landscape and heritage in new, brave and sometimes difficult ways
•  Encourage creative citizenship in Macclesfield and its hinterland, providing opportunities to develop and nurture local talent
•  Develop festival arts projects that increase access and inclusivity, engage audiences and invite participation

Our Objectives 

Produce:  not just an amazing biennial festival, but pop-up events, social arts projects which explore challenging and ambitious ideas, and new work commissioned for the North West.
Facilitate:  deliver research and development, inviting artists and communities to generate new ideas/projects for the town.
Enliven:  seek out and respond to neglected/derelict sites, using arts practice to invigorate the public realm, places of historical interest, parks and unexpected spaces.
Enable:  provide opportunities for local artist development, make work with our community, provide platforms to showcase local talent.
Empower:  support a community engagement programme which develops the community’s relationship with the festival, provide volunteering opportunities and professional mentoring in festival arts, engage proactively with schools, establish community forums to encourage greater ownership of the festival and its programme.
Connect:  seek out partners to strengthen our programme of activity; stabilise and develop our financial capacity; invest in our stakeholders and share resources.

Our Charitable Structure

To advance the education of the public in the arts, sciences and the history & heritage of Macclesfield by the provision of public events including performances, exhibitions, workshops, talks and by such other means as the trustees may determine