A time to reflect with artist Simon Buckley on Our Future is Ancient

As we draw towards the end of 2020 many of us are reflecting on what has been an incredibly challenging and difficult year.

Second Sight, Barnaby Festival’s new online gallery, launched in December and is the result of a year that didn’t go according to plan for many – particularly those in the arts and events industries.

Funded through the Arts Council England emergency fund, Second Sight is a place to showcase the work of the artistic communities in Macclesfield and the artists that Barnaby Festival works with, at a time when we can’t bring you exhibitions and live events.

If you haven’t already visited, you now have another reason to, as there is a new piece of work in the Looking Forwards gallery.

On December 21 at 10.02am it is the winter solstice. This holds particular significance for artist Simon Buckley, who runs the NotQuiteLight project.

It was one year ago that Simon began his research and development project for Barnaby Festival. Each month at the time of the full moon Simon would venture into Macclesfield Forest to document his visits with photography, film and audio for his work Our Future is Ancient.

As the year progressed and the pandemic took hold and control of our lives, Simon had to work out what direction his project would take and how he could deliver it – given the constantly shifting boundaries.

One year on, Simon will present some of his work from Our Future is Ancient on Second Sight, which you can view and read from December 21 at 10.02am to mark the winter solstice.

Simon said: “The pandemic has changed our world and during the weeks of confinement, I began to crave the forest, desperate to savour its mysteries and the comfort of the natural world.

“It’s become an exploration of the relationship between the urban and natural landscapes, that has caused me to question how we emerge from the Covid 19 crisis, and what the future might be.

“The virus has caused me to feel very differently about my own life, and creating work around such an ancient place feels very relevant at the moment.”

We hope that you enjoy taking some time out to listen and watch this beautiful piece of work and that you also find time to reflect on 2020.

Thank you for your continued support of Barnaby Festival. The team and board would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2021.

To visit Second Sight https://secondsight.barnabyfestival.org.uk